Members List

The current members of the BID are the members of the Steering Group who are as follows:-

Mr Peter Valerio                              Chairman                             Largs Hardware

Mr Ron Muir                                     Vice Chairman                    Coordinator

Mrs Susan Craddock                    Treasurer                              Largs Post Office

Vacant                                               Secretary

Mr Alan Neilson                               Member                               Ibac

 Mr & Mrs Richard Craigmile         Members                            Craigmiles

Mrs Anne Dickie                              Member                                Jan De Fries

Mr Scott Mcgregor                           Member                                Largs Printers

 Mr Willie Wood                              Member                                 Woodhouse Hotel

 We are also supported at meetings by the following local Councillors:- Elisbethe Marshall, Alex Gallagher & Alan Hill.

 We also have a project officer from North Ayrshire Council Ecomomic Department to liaise and advise us

Finally we have Mr Sunil Varu who is our Project Manager on a 12 month contract to take the Business Improvement District Project through to a successful completion

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