What a BID can do for you

The simple answer is - it's up to you to decide:-

A Business Improvement District is a partnership between the local business community and the local authority to develop projects and services that will benefit the trading environment within the boundary of a clearly defined commercial area.

Ultimately the businesses decide what a BID will do. The BID project team survey the businesses, staff, customers and visitors to the area to gather information on what people want. The results of the survey are then used to put together a business plan. The decision on whether to vote yes to a BID is taken by the businesses based on the proposed business plan.

The benefits other BID areas have seen are:-


  • Increase in footfall.
  • Increases in consumer spend.
  • Reduces costs (joint activities e.g. Promotion/marketing).
  • Gives businesses a local voice and promotes closer links with the local authority.
  • Creates a more appealing environment for businesses and their employees.
  • Fair System everyone invests, everyone benefits.
  • Increases an areas desirability and attracts occupiers.
    • Community:-

      • Produces economic well being and sustainable economic growth in the area.
      • Attracts inward investment.
      • Produces social well being / Improves quality of life.
      • Supports the sustainability of the historic and traditional town centre.
      • Creates a positive sense of place and enhanced feeling of safety and well being.
      • Civic and community pride.


      • Creates a positive impression.
      • Improves the visitor experience.
      • Enhances the reputation of the area and the region.

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