About Largs BID

Largs Business Improvement District (BID).

Our BID is an opportunity for us all to be involved in improving the viability of our businesses and our trading environment. The basic process is for us to ask all businesses what improvements they would like to see. We will also ask your staff and the public. From the surveys a business plan will be developed.You will then have the opportunity to vote on our business plan and agree to contribute to making it work. If the ballot is successful a BID Company will be formed from the businesses in our area and it will their responsibility to ensure that the projects that you voted on are implemented. The BID Company will also be responsible for using the private investment you have made to attract additional funding to provide even greater investment into Largs town centre.

"Largs Matters" has been adopted as the Largs BID Brand name ...............

Business Involvement:-

For our BID to work, the businesses in the area need to be involved and play their part from the beginning. This is why the majority of those on the steering group are town centre business owners and managers. It is very important that we include all of your views and ideas in the process. It's your bid.

The Surveys:-

The business and staff questionnaires which will be delivered to your businesses need to be filled in and include all your ideas on how Largs can be improved.

Interviews are arranged with each business at which time the questionnaires will be collected .The interviews provide the opportunity to discuss the concept of BID's fully and to discuss any of the issues or ideas you have.

An analysis of the survey form responses will be carried out to produce a document which collates all of the information given without identifying individual responses. This document will provide the basis of the "Largs Matters" Business Plan.

The Project Plan:-

The project plan will determine the program and the timescales that we will be working to. This is currently under review.

The Business Plan

The Business Plan will inform you of the advantages and benefits of our BID and what it intends to deliver. The plan will also give details of the proposed BID operation, finances and the projects as agreed by the Steering Group.

The Levy:-

The proposed Levy will become clearer once the projects have been identified. The project Team and the Steering Group are and will remain sensitive to this throughout the BID development.

The BID Framework:-

The BID framework which is covered by legislation, allows you to vote on whether you wish to see the projects outlined in the "Largs Matters" Business Plan put in place. If the Ballot is successful , both by numbers and rateable value it is mandatory that all non domestic ratepayers in the defined area will pay. But please always remember that a BID is designed to support you and improve your business levels and your business area

North Ayrshire Council:-

North Ayrshire Council is supporting the BID development.

How Do We Get There:-

The work involved in taking the project to ballot stage will be done by the Project Team under the direction of the Steering Group

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